Friday, May 21, 2010

NFS client on OpenVMS limited to 32-bit NFSv2

I recently had a chance to dig into OpenVMS, getting back to days gone by. A project required transfer of data from one OpenVMS verion 8 host to another, and I decided to take a crack at setting up NFS between the two nodes.

It didn't take too long once I found this document from HP.

But then I got a nasty surprise when I tried to copy a 4GB file from client to server:

%COPY-E-WRITEERR, error writing DNFS2:[000000]FILENAME.DAT;1
-RMS-F-FUL, device full (insufficient space for allocation)
%COPY-W-NOTCMPLT, DRA0:[000000.TEST]FILENAME.DAT;1 not completely copied

The target drive was on a brand new server and had 140GB free, but only about half of the file was there. So what gives?

A search turned up the OpenVMS UCX TCPIP Services v5.6 release notes and this section:

3.7.2 NFS Client Problems and Restrictions

* The NFS client included with TCP/IP Services uses the NFS Version 2 protocol only.
* With the NFS Version 2 protocol, the value of the file size is limited to 32 bits.

With 1 of the bits to track file locking, that leaves 31 bits for the size of the file, or 2.1GB.

I expect better of OpenVMS.

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