Thursday, May 6, 2010

Solaris 10 SMTP Server Not Running After Patch

About a month ago, I installed over one hundred patches on a Solaris 10 box, including patch 142436-03. Just today I discovered that the server was refusing incoming SMTP connections. (It gets incoming mail only infrequently, obviously.)

I tried to connect to port 25 from another server. No dice. I tried this from the local server:

# mconnect localhost (worked!)
# mconnect actual_hostname (didn't work)

From a Solaris 10 Discussion forum post at, I discovered that the patch must've turned on the local_only configuration by default in an effort to help out with security. I think it would be nice if a patch left things the way they were and maybe prompted you to change it. Oh well. Here's the fix:

# svccfg -s sendmail listprop | grep local_only (to verify it's set to true)
# svccfg -s sendmail setprop config/local_only = false
# svcadm refresh sendmail
# svcadm restart sendmail


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